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I like to drum

Saturday, May 29, 2010

ok so im at my grandma's place and i have been looking at my grandmas computer for like sooooo long! and then my mom made me stop and let my sis use it so im typing at my dads little netbook thingy i was kind of bored so this was the only thing i could think of doing so here i am typing away at my dads little netbook at my grandmas place blaaaaaaaaaaah im so bored! but at least im not at home at least im at some place different then just me in my room ;) omg i think my grandmas giving me 20 bucks! lol she did :D so now i have like three hundred something bucks! SCORE! XD
ok so whats wierd wit me is that something changed on my little box where i write my posts so i cant choose my type font and whenever i want to do italics or bold and stuff it just does this
wierd right? so anyways i might do some other posts soon but for now its see ya! :)

*sheesh that was long!*

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