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Sunday, June 20, 2010

game boy's

Today I'm going to write about the Game Boy. So before I start talking about the Game Boy I just want to say that contrary to what many people think the Game Boy is not Nintendo's first handheld, it was actually the Nintendo game and watch series which was a line of primitive LCD technology portables that were made by the late Gumpei Yokoi who died in a car accident in 1997 the game and watch featured Yokoi's patented "D-pad" which appeared on every Nintendo controller except the Color TV game 6 which came out in 1977 which had two analog control knobs on it. So the Game Boy came out in 1989 with the game "Tetris" which was first programed on an "electronica 60" computer in 1985 by Alexy Pajitnov the game has been called "the start of casual gaming" because now just about everyone plays Tetris it was released on every home console from 1989 and up and you can even play it on you're "Ipad" now!. So the first Game Boy was obviously just the Game Boy which had a black and dark green screen to play games on and took a whopping four "AA" batteries! The next one was the Game Boy "Play It Loud!" it was basically a colorful Game Boy. The next one was the game boy pocket it had a sharper black and white screen and it was smaller and sleeker but unfortunately the sound on the game boys got worse and worse up to the game boy colour which I'm not sure why but back to the pocket, the pocket took two "AAA" batteries which was a bit of a disappointment because "AAA" batteries were kind of inconvenient because you probably don't have a bunch of "AAA" batteries just lying around because usually you were used to having "AA" batteries to use on stuff but ah well. The next game boy was the game boy light and it was only released in Japan because even though it had a nice bright back light it still had a black and white screen and they thought they wouldn't sell because the game boy colour was coming out and it had a color screen but no back light and every game boy after that wouldn't be backlit until the AGS-101 model of the game advance SP which came out in 2005 and the original game boy advance SP doesn't count because it was frontlit not back lit . The next was the game boy advance and it was OK but its a shame that the screen looked like CRAP I mean, did they have to make make it so damn DARK?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? so anyway the game boy advance was a whole lot of fail in some ways but a whole lot of win in other ways because it introduced a whole new library of great games like a bunch of new pokemon games and the super mario advance games which is like a 32 bit remake of a 16 bit remake of 8 bit games like super mario brothers 3 and super mario world. The next one was the game boy advance SP which was like a smaller and BETTER version of the game boy advance, they came out with a new game boy advance SP in 2005 and it was backlit and it could play game boy games and game boy color games on it.The next one was the game boy micro and it was the last of the game boys, it was also the smallest of the game boys and had interchangeable skins on it. So that was just about all the game boys not counting the super game boy and that game boy advance n64 thing that I forgot its name so I hope you enjoyed it and bye! :D.

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