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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Today I'm going to write about "New Super Mario Bros. Wii". This game is very fun and if you liked the DS version
this ones even better. The game starts of at princess peaches B-day with Mario,Luigi,Toad and two other toads that are yellow and blue then bowser kidnaps the princess on his airship. WARNING this game is very hard! If you haven't ever played a Mario game I would strongly suggest that you try out the DS version of this because even though it has its fare share of frustrating levels, its a lot easier than the Wii version.The game has eight words and a secret ninth world when you complete the game like the DS version it has its cannons that shoot you into another world it also has new great power ups like the extremely useful penguin suit that can make you swim easier and has better traction on ice. Unfortunately it doesn't have the blue turtle shell that was in the DS version that let you kill enemies and break brick walls when you turned into a fast moving koopa shell. Unlike the DS version you can't spend star coins on mushroom houses anymore you go on into them without having to spend anything but they do vanish when you've used them up, You actually spend them on hint movies at the castle so you can learn how to do certain things like how to find a star coin and things like that which I think is pointless be cause everyone has already posted everything on youtube so you can just watch it on you're computer for free.
I thought that the multiplayer was very fun and the fact that you could not do online multiplayer did not bother me one bit. People have been pretty miffed when they found out that you could not use the clasic controller for the game but I didn't mind that ether because if you used that classic controller which does not have a motion sensor it would be very difficult to use the propeller hat in which you need to give the Wii remote a shake to send Mario flying plus the game was designed to be like a modern super mario bros for the NES which is more like the wii remote turned sideways that the classic controller which is designed to be like a super NES controller. So I should probably finish this up It's getting way to long so this is a great game and you should defiantly get it and I give it 5/5 stars.

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