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I like to drum

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OK so I've saved up some money over the past year and I've decided to make a list of the things that I'm considering to buy:

1.A Flip Mino HD camcorder price: 229.99
this is a very nice little gadget and I choose it over the old model of the the flip mino because of the brushed metal and the larger screen. Pro: you can bring it everywhere your purse,your pocket its good for just whipping it out and filming whatever is going on.
Con: it has an incredibly tiny sensor so its not good for shooting high contrast areas like say, under a tree on a sunny day with lots of shady spots and light spots. Pro: the HD looks absolutely marvelous for such a tiny camcorder.

2. a nintendo dsi I've been thinking about buying one of these for a long time now the price is 169.99
pro: the two cameras are very cool but not very good quality
con: only fourteen hours of battery life compared to sixteen on the ds lite.

3A DRUM SET!!! price varied OK so i LOVE to play the drums so post a comment on what drum set i should buy and i want an affordable one that sounds decent

3 a bass
I've kind of always wanted to play the bass for some reason i don't know why.

4a new guitar my old giutar is tiny so I've been thinking about buy one for a long time now

5 a new keyboard for my room my old casio is horrible

6 a new cannon powershot would be nice theres this one that i have been looking at that has HD video and image stabilization.

7 a ps3 these are cool but very expensive and
i cant decide whether to get and xbox or a ps3

OK so thats all and bye

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