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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

OK so today I'm going to talk about Captain Beefheart. captain beefheart was born don glen vilet in 1941 and was a very influential character in the avant garde music scene. His first album was called "safe as milk" and was one of his most blues influenced albums. I really like the album "Bluejeans and moonbeams" even though lots of people say its his worst album but I think its pretty cool. Of course his magnum opus that every beefheart must own is his double record "trout mask replica".

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  1. Hello McNallys - I would like to make an intelligent on this blog, but to no avail. Time and tide wait for no one, and time apparently has passed me by. The Lead Zeppelin, from a scientific point of view, is a virtual impossibility, and I wouldn't want to adapt such a title for a musical group. There must be a message here somewhere!
    Uncle John