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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Of Mice And Men

OK so today I'm going to write about Of Mice And Men. So this is a classic book by the late great John Steinbeck and is considered one of his best works. So the story revolves around two characters, George Milton and Lennie Small who are migrant field workers during the Great Depression, Lennie is a mentally disabled man with an ironic last name because of his great size and strength. George Milton is a smaller quick witted man who dreams of owning a ranch with Lennie. So they travel to a ranch in Soledad southeast of Salinas, California to work up some money to buy a small ranch. Another aging ranch worker named Candy shares there dream to own a ranch and is willing to pitch in his pay to live with them in there ranch. (Spoiler alert) unfortunately Lennie accidentally kills another ranch workers wife (a bitter man by the name of Curly) he then organizes a mob to catch Lennie and kill him. So George ran ahead of the mob where he knew he would find Lennie shoots him in the back of the head to avoid a more painful death from the angry mob. My favorite character is probably George hes really smart and stuff and hes not a big jerk like Curly. So thats it for my blog post I hope you enjoyed it and bye.

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