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I like to drum

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OK so today I'm going to write about The Residents. The Residents are a experimental group from Shreveport,Louisiana and they have made like a brillion albums so of course I don't have ALL of them but I have a fare share of there major ones like"The Big Bubble","Demons Dance Alone","The tunes of two cities"(which in awesome by the way). So they started making music in the late sixties but made there first real release in 1972 called "Santa Dog" The single was shaped as a Christmas card and was mailed to random people like Richard Nixon and Frank Zappa but it was also mailed to various west coast radio stations like Radiolab who loved it and sent some copies to listeners and other people. The residents claimed to have gotten there "theory of obscurity" from a fabled Bavarian composer called "N. Senada" who was allegedly believed to be captain beefheart but I don't think thats true. So the residents are awesome and you should see them live if they come to your town cuz' there live shows are the best!

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