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Friday, October 15, 2010

OK so today I'm going to talk about The Red Pony. The Red Pony is A collection of short stories by John Steinbeck and I'm mostly going to talk about the first one called The Red Pony. The main character is a small boy named Jody who is trusted with a small pony to take care of. Unfortunately (SPOILER ALERT) the pony dies of strangles. An important thing about The Red Pony Is that it has many supporting characters in the story that help the action progress smoothly like Billy Buck a horse doctor who is close friends will Jody's father and tries to save the pony. It is set in a rural countryside in California near the mountains where Jody longs to go to in another short story. I would say the protagonist in the story is Jody but to tell you the truth there are multiple protagonists in the book like Billy Buck who helps treat the horses and Jody's father who gave him the horse in the first place. It is told from the readers perspective but focuses on Jody the most. I would say the main theme is coming of age because each short story has him when hes older than the first so It kind if shows him growing up. The mood or tone I guess would go from gut wrenchingly painful to read horse surgeries to tender heartfelt moments. my overall response to the book is quite positive but I don't recommend it to the faint of heart or a weak stomach for that matter. One of the many Strengths of this book is that its a real page turner that draws you in and you really care about the characters and the plot. I think the overall purpose of the author is to portray the emotions that Jody feels in the book and I think he has done that very accurately. So I recommend it to fans of John Steinbeck and it really brings out emotions well in all the short stories. So I hope you enjoyed my little review and bye.

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