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Friday, November 19, 2010

OK so today I'm going to write about Super Mario Bros. OK so I know I already wrote about Super Mario Bros but this is a different take on it where i talk about the plot and stuff. So the protagonist is probably Mario who tries to save princess peach who is locked up in the evil Bowser's castle who kidnapped the princess. On the way you have to fight disgruntled mushrooms called goombas and (sometimes flying) turtles called koopas. The genre of the story is probably fantasy and adventure with the angry mushrooms and the piranha plant and such. I think the message that they were trying to portray is that turtles are evil and you can eat mushrooms that come out of bricks to grow and that you can shoot fire from your hands from eating glowing flowers oh yes and don't trust princesses to never get kidnapped because she will eventually get stolen by a jealous giant turtle who has a big crush on her.