• BOOKS/AUTHORS Orson Scott Card,Ray Bradbury, Enders Game (by card) pretty much every short story by Ray Bradbury
  • MOVEHZ,The Matrix,Apocalypse Now,It might get loud,Suspiria,The exorcist,A hard days night, I guess more but I'm geting lazy...
  • music: laibach,the beatles,the smashing pumpkins,white stripes,led zeppelin,son house,cibo matto,butter 08,lamb of god i guess,rammstien,serge gainsbourg, tom waits, the doors,the kinks anything good...
I like to drum

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OK so today I'm going to talk about what I'd do and what would it be like if didn't have to do school work. It would be freaking awesome. I would watch youtube videos all day and play outside. There would be no obligations and I would have the time of my freakin' life. So I guess thats what I would do so bye.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

OK so today I'm going to write about the times I broke the law.

I once defaced a dime by cutting it up with wire cutters like 4 years ago....I still have it :(.

I once shoplifted one of my stuffed animals that my mom had given away to a goodwill. Shame on me.

OK I'm pretty sure thats all the times I broke the law (probably).

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

OK so today I'm going to write about some of my biggest fears.

1. Having an urge to eat chap stick. I mean you never know when you just start wanting to eat chapstick i mean it SMELLS realy good but I've heard it can give you a serious tummy ache.

2. bees. Bee stings hurt but they make delicious honey.

3. Exploding. It would suck to explode.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

OK so today I'm going to talk about grunge. grunge was started by bands like the melvins and mudhoney and popularized by nirvana. grunge people liked to dress in torn jeans flannel and chuck taylors. grunge is the best music ever in case you needed reminding.

Good example of grunge

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OK so today I'm going to talk about Half Japanese. No one really knows about Half Japanese but I know about them and I like them very much. they did not know how to play a single note on their instruments when they formed but made great music all the same. They are part of the outsider genre which is music like The Residents,Daniel Johnston and Roky Erickson. They are pretty unique I can kinda compare them to Daniel Johnston, one of the members Jad Fair made an album with Johnston believe it or not. So you probably wont like Half Japanese but if you do you have my respect good sir.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

OK so today I'm going to write about DERP. Derp is one of my new favorite words because It was first said on one of my favorite shows (South Park). But anyways It's also very fun to say: "DERP!" and you can also call someone a derp "you derp!". It started when South Park had the character "Mr. Derp" how banged himself on the head with a hammer and shouted "DERRRRP!". Make sure you use this word as much as possible.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OK so today I'm going to write about one of my favorite genres. My favorite genre is probably grunge/early alternative rock because it has some of my favorite bands in it like Primus,Pixies and Nirvana. Alt rock and Grunge came out of bands like Pixies which deeply influenced Nirvana and many others. Kurt Cobain even admitted that he was trying to write a Pixies song when he wrote "Smells Like Teen Spirit". So its not like I don't like any other genres, I adore punk/hardcore bands like Bad Brains and The Minutemen and I also like my share of metal like Lamb Of God and System Of A Down. So I don't think that just because you're a punk doesn't mean you shouldn't like The Beatles or Yes or Led Zeppelin or whatever. So thats just what I think and bye.